Bogota, Colombia, South America Trip

bogota colombia south america

Bogota is a huge, modern city and the thriving capital of Colombia, which throughout the previous few years, has become an increasingly popular traveler and vacation destination. Settled high up in the Andes, the city offers a fabulous blend of the new and old: high-rise buildings overlooking historic churches, popular stores serving on exceptionally old squares, and occupied streets going through extremely old colonial districts. Experience a little bit of what Colombia has to bring to the table in the awesome city of Bogota. 

What Should Be Done And See In Bogota, Colombia, South America?

  • The Spanish verbally expressed in Bogota is viewed as one of the clearest and generally neutral in the world, offering an incredible chance to rehearse your Spanish expressions with local people. One of the main spots you will need to discover headings to is La Candelaria – the most seasoned locale in Bogota and the unique spot where Spanish conqueror Gonzalo Jiménez de Quesada established the city in 1538. Advance down restricted cobbled roads spending 400-year-old chapels, recorded structures, and pioneer historical centers – most with free induction. Here, you’ll find The Gold Museum with an incredible assortment of pre-Spanish and pre-Colombian gold antiques. The Museum of Colonial Art displays Colombian fortunes, including Viceroy-transport craftsmanship, silver plates, and Las Aulas Cloister, probably the oldest building in Bogota. 
  • Plaza de Bolivar is situated in the core of the city and contains a sculpture of Simón Bolívar, who assumed a key part in Latin America’s effective battle for autonomy. The square is monitored by great structures, including the Palace of Justice, the National Capitol, and the Catedral Primada de Colombia. The Roman Catholic Cathedral was worked somewhere in the range of 1807 and 1823 and held the remaining parts of the originator of the city. However, the Cathedral is the biggest in Colombia and one of the greatest in South America. 
  • Cerro de Monserrate is the main symbol of Bogota and has been visited by a large number of people and travelers since it was established in 1640. You can take the funicular or transfer ride to the top or walk the stone way, which should take between 1-2 hours. Situated at the pinnacle of the slope is a wonderful asylum, two or three restaurants, and fantastic views over Bogota. 

Eating Out and Nightlife In Bogota 

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Colombian cuisine is varied and delicious. Ajiaco is a conventional stew made of chicken, corn, and a determination of vegetables presented with rice and tostadas, and for breakfast, local people normally eat changua, a smooth soup with eggs. Empanadas are likewise famous and an incredible nibble in a hurry. Incredibly tasty and fillings typically consist of spicy meat, potato, and vegetables. Bogota is an exuberant city without any lack of bars and clubs with which to drink and party. Chapinero toward the north of La Candelaria involves the new midtown space of Bogota, well known for eating, shopping, and touring. 

Bottom Line

Bogota, Colombia, South America, is a beautiful place where you can visit any time and enjoy the sightseen. If you love to travel and enjoy world cuisine, then definitely try this Bogota tour once in your lifespan. 

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