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medellin colombia tourism

Medellin is the second-largest city in Colombia. It has over 3 million people and is the capital of the department of Antioquia. It is present in the valley running south to north. Medellin was awarded the Innovative City Of The Year in 2013 by The Wall Street Journal. Tourists often flock to Medellin. To know more about certain places one should include in their Medellin Colombia Tourism Packages keep reading below.

The Parks and Plazas Of Medellin

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Medellín’s has a year-round temperate climate that makes it the perfect destination to spend time outdoors. People here are always lounging around. You will see the vendors are peddling food and drinks around. Two must-visit parks in Medellin are:

Plaza Botero – Botero, a famous artist from Medellin, is known for his drawings and statues of oversized people. The Plaza Botero is home to around 23 Botero sculptures and is a great tourist destination. It is always packed with people taking photos, street performers, and artists. You’ll find museums in the square, located in the Old Quarter.

Parque Lleras – Located right in the middle of Poblado, the Parque Lleras is always full of people. There are street vendors, food sellers, musicians, and people drinking in even the wee hours of the night. It’s a wonderful place to watch fun people living their regular lives. It is one of the best places to have fun in the city. 

Explore Jardín Botánico

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The botanical gardens are quite a retreat from the noise and chaos of the bustling city. It hosts numerous events, concerts, and festivals all around the year. It covers over 14 hectares of land and is home to around 4,500 flowers and 139 types of bird species.

There is a beautiful and not so overpriced restaurant in the center of the garden. If you feel like spending time here relaxing and taking in the scene, you can definitely do so. 

Visit the Museo de Antioquia- A Must Visit In Your Medellin Colombia Tourism

Museo de Antioquia was founded in the year 1881 and is a must visit in your Medellin Colombia Tourism. This is a very interesting museum and is home to numerous pre-Colombian works. It also has national and international works by famous artists, including a bunch of Boteros and a wide variety of photographs and sculptures. 

Wander the Cementerio Museo de San Pedro

The cemetery was built in the year 1842. It is also a museum where you can see the monuments and graves of notable Colombians while learning about their lives and contributions in detail. There’s a lot of large marble mausoleums and statues located here. Sometimes there are special events such as midnight tours and movie nights. The cemetery is very small but is also close to the botanical gardens, so you can do both one after the other.

See the Casa de la Memoria

This museum was opened in the year 2012 and is based on the history of armed conflict that took place in Colombia. It drops light on the struggles the people of Colombia that they had to overcome in order to get where they stand today.

It is a sober and solemn place, but it offers some important insights. Make sure to include this in your Medellin Colombia tourism package.

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