Kayak Lake Titicaca: A Great Place to Kayak

kayak lake titicaca

Kayak Lake Titicaca is a hidden gem in the Cusco region. It is also one of the most photographed destinations on Cusco tours. Lake Titicaca is about 40 minutes away from the main Cusco city of Cusco and it’s easy to reach. But there’s so much more to this idyllic lakeside destination that we’ll be spending our time on it so let’s have a look at some of the reasons why you should be going on a guided tour of Kayak Lake Titicaca.

An Introduction To The Amazing Lake

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A Kayak Lake Titicaca tour is an ideal opportunity to see the rural life of Cusco, the indigenous way of life is still practised today even though most tourists are respectful of the culture of the locals. On a guided tour you’ll be taken around the different villages of the lake, which are all surrounded by a beautiful green valley. At the end of your tour you will head back to the kayak lake where lunch and refreshments will be served to you. There is no better place in Cusco to find the local people relaxed, eating lunch or tea while sipping on a cold beer.

The area around Lake Titicaca has been home to the original inhabitants for many years. It was a gold rush heyday in the 1920s that prompted the first attempts to farm and settle in this region. When the country’s minerals rich soil was discovered it was used by the gold rush as a route to reach the Inca citadel in the mountains. Even today, local farmers still work on cultivating the land around the lake, making it a perfect location for farming and gold mining. The local food is fresh, free from additives and organic, so if you were thinking of stopping by the local restaurant for lunch or dinner during your Cusco tours, you won’t have to worry about experiencing culinary discomforts.

After the cattle are finished plowing and tilling the soil around the lake, they make their way into the lakeside pastures to feed on the lush green grass and browse at the many different types of crops. Cattle and other farm animals are raised in these agricultural terraces for the local people to eat. At night the reed islands are lit up with lanterns as night falls and colorful hand woven tapestries are hung along the walls. Kayaks are also used to fish in the turquoise waters of the lake Titicaca. Some of the more popular sports in the area include fishing, windsurfing, rowing, canoeing, swimming, hiking, water skiing and biking.

Other Things That This Area Is Known For

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Next on your trip to Cusco, you will want to try one of the must-see experiences: the Lake Titicaca Hotels. These hotels are located on the main part of the lake, near the area where the old Inca ruins are located. The lobbies and reception areas are exquisitely decorated, as are most of the rooms. One of the highlights of the hotel is its terrace which offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape and the lake Titicaca.

Other popular activities include canoeing, kayaking, scuba diving, swimming and biking. Kayaking is the most popular tour activity on the lake Titicaca, although scuba diving and white water rafting can be arranged as well. You can choose from traditional groups that start at the “Vida” or “Puja” houseboats and proceed up the Colorado River, or you can simply book a tour that begins at the “Casa de Campo”. Kayaking in the waters of the lake Titicaca can be an exhilarating adventure for both experienced and inexperienced kayakers. Kayakers commonly bring a friend along on their tour, especially if they’re not experienced kayakers.

Another popular activity on the lake Titicaca is to rent one of the several Peruvian fishing boats that can take visitors out on the waters to fish. One of the more popular boats is the “Los angeles brains”, which is used to catch Marlin, perch, roosterfish and other large fish. The “Los Angeles cruises” are similar but slightly less expensive. Many of these boats also have facilities where visitors can cook up a delicious Peruvian meal on board.


If you’re interested in having a more educational excursion, you may consider taking part in an afternoon wildlife or history tour on Amantani Island. The island is very photogenic thanks to its vast expanses of lush rainforest. The tour generally takes participants on foot through the forest, stopping at different sites to look at local plants and animals, as well as ancient rock carvings. Lunch is served aboard the kayak, and you’ll be able to see alligators, tapirs, monkeys and a wide variety of birds. The tour is not wheelchair accessible, but you can bring your own food and equipment.

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