French Guiana Language: History And Culture

French Guiana and their love for French Guiana language dates way back to 1496 with an exciting history. Initially, French Guiana was inhabited by the Amerindian people, which included the Arawak’s and carbs. It is also believed to have been the only territory in the mainland Americans which had full integration in the European country. Also, their region is known as the second largest region of France.

French Guiana Language

The official language spoken in French Guiana is French. Some of the regional languages spoken include French Guianese Creole, the six Amerindian languages, Hmong njua, and not forgetting the four maroon creole languages. Other languages one can come across include Hakka, Spanish, English, Tamil, Portuguese and Caribbean Hindustani.

French Guiana Language: History And Culture
French Guiana Language: History And Culture

French Guiana History

Now that we have explored the different languages you can come across in French Guiana, let’s look at its history.

Originally French Guiana was inhabited by the indigenous people, including the Arawak, Teko, Wayana, and Wayampi. In the 18th century, the French colony attempted to develop a territory by settling in some of the Caribbean islands like Santi-Domingue and Guadeloupe. 

The first attempt to colonize Guiana was launched in 1763. However, their efforts failed due to the high mortality rate due to the harsh climate.

In 1667 under the Treaty of Breda, the Dutch who had an interest in the area were driven out. For over the next 200years, alteration in power was between the Netherlands,Portugal, Britain, and France. 

In 1946 French Guiana was given French overseas department status, but Paris highly neglected this. By the 1970s, unrest brocks out with an intensive security crackdown. But the central government took charge and promised various improvements.

Generally, the location’s domestic political agenda has been dominated by heated complaints with poor social and economic conditions that are nothing compared to France.

In 2010, the Guianese General Council came up with a departmental flag, not forgetting a referendum in the very year. Presently, French Guiana has been profoundly affected by the COVID 19 outbreak since more than 1% of the French Guianese turns out to be positive for the virus by June 2020. 


French Guiana Language: History And Culture
French Guiana Language: History And Culture

If you are looking for some exquisite taste of the most exceptional food in French Guianese, you should not miss out on their most excellent aware broth. This is a traditional dish well prepared to serve guests intrigued by conventional meals. 

To understand the French Guiana culture’s full view, the novel Papillion by a fresh convict Henri Charriere is a masterpiece to enjoy reading. In this novel, Henri described his escape from the penal colony. The book is said to be a real-life story of the events in the convict’s life.

Social Convention

You will find Casual wears the best clothing in most of the locations. However, if you are looking to explore the beaches, breathtaking beachwear will work correctly. 


French Guiana has a long, fascinating history, culture, and religion. It is one place one can trace back the roots of different practices and inhabitants, but also an excellent location to explore.

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