Colombia Capital Population Concepts You Should Know About

colombia capital population

Colombia is located in South America and is also a big country. Its boundary touches different countries like Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, and Brazil. It also touches some big watery places like the Caribbean Sea, Panama, and the Pacific Ocean. It is a big composition of 32 different departments. Bogotá is the capital of Colombia and the country’s largest city. It has a mixed complexion in the living population. People living here belong to different communities. So it becomes quite interesting to take an overview of Colombia’s capital population

Stats As Per The Last Census 

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The currently available stats of Colombia’s capital population say that there is a constant growth in the joining peoples. Different communities are coming to generate a new scenario by mixing their unique culture and religion and also increasing the count and growth rate.

In the last year 2020, the Colombian capital population exists at 7,743,955 with an increasing rate of +2.21% from the previous count.

In the year 2018, it was at 7412566 and holds the growth rate of +0.69% from the previous count.

At the start of the 20th century and in the year 2005, it was at 6,778,691 with an increasing rate of +1.78 from the previous count.

If we took a view of the 18th-century count then a big low down was there. It was at 40,883 with an increasing rate of +1.22% in the year of 1870 and in the year of 1800 counted at 21,964 with an increasing rate of +1.22% as compared to the previous one.

If we took the stats of the starting year of the whole phenomena, then it was at 16,233 in the year of 1775.

It had 7,412,566 inhabitants within the city’s limits as per the 2018 census. We can also say that It has a population density of approximately 4, 3120 inhabitants per square kilometer. Approximately 25166 people are located in rural areas. The male portion in the population is at 47.8% whereas the female exists at 52.2%.

Available Different Communities 

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It has an ethnic composition in living peoples. There are different communities located here. The minorities of Afro-Colombian people exist at 0.9%, Indigenous Amerindian exists at 0.3% and the 98.8% of the Colombia capital population has no ethnic affiliation but are mestizos and whites. 

Livelihood Patterns And Sources 

It is the main economic and industrial center of the country. Also the main center of capital goods import. The Colombia capital population majorly involved themselves in the travel and tourism sector. Some of the big-money owners had a huge affiliation in the shopping mall’s business zone. Approximately the travel and tourism industry contributes 2.5% in the Gdp. 56% of the tourism of Colombia came from here and that’s why the huge no. of approximately 1423 multinational companies exist in this mainstream of business. There is a huge surrounding of green areas which attracts the peoples for ecotourism and hiking activities. Approximately 100 shopping malls exist at this time with the no. of 160 new planned projects.


We can easily say that as per the available facts, Colombia’s capital population increased continuously.

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