Cartagena: Reasons To Visit

Cartagena Visit But Why And Its Landmark

The mere word Amazon forest takes us to the fascinating world of South America. South America is the most versatile land on the planet which offer mega varieties of sites, beaches, forest, volcano, fresh water colored river, and name the natural bestow it is therein. The South American Countries have a plethora of natural, archaeological locations. Moreover, the Republic of Colombia is one of the beauty laden countries, situated in the north of South America. Coincidentally, the name is a derivative of American navigator Christopher Columbus. Additionally, here lies a beautiful city of Cartagena, since Colombia itself is a tourist-friendly place.

Cartagena Visit But Why And Its Landmark
Cartagena: Reasons To Visit

Visiting Cartagena is like a trip to the past from the time of colonies and pirates. Cartagena is the safest metropolis in Colombia. Furthermore, merry time climate is the tourist attraction of Cartagena.

 Why Visit Cartagena

Cartagena is known as “jewel of the Indies.” The wonderful merry time Caribbean climate blends with the best of treats is an enigmatic combination. What else would a tourist want?

The architectural, archaeological, and picturesque lanes are indeed a most photogenic delight. This place is in South America but it is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

The beautiful beaches and islands are among the most awaited places of visit. The beaches in Bocagrande and La Boquilla and Playa Blanca, Isla Grande, Tierra Bomba, or the Rosario Islands are not to be overlooked, while one is in awe of the photogenic beauty of Cartagena.

Cartagena has a fascinating history and geography, too, although the Geography of Cartagena cannot be discussed in mere words.

The best spot to have emeralds is Cartagena in Colombia. These Emeralds costs substantially more than precious stones once in a while. Furthermore, Colombia has 70% to 90% of the world’s jewels.

The city is a tourist spot; a heaven for sightseeing and photography requires lots of bargaining in dealing with local sellers.

The walled city of Cartagena was found on 1st June 1533 by a Spanish Commander. It was once a massive market for the trade of slaves. Moreover, trade and economic activities include marine and petrochemicals. Hence, tourism is getting a boost in the economy.


The Walled City of Cartagena’s: The mesmerizing colonial street of Cartagena is also referred to as “Old Town.” A fort was built by Spanish colonials to defend the Caribbean trade of gold, silver, tobacco, and chili. The walled city is located on the country’s Caribbean coast so you can also visit there.

Centro Historico: A heaven for archaeology but also for culture photography.

Plaza Santo Domingo: It has a splendid oldest church in the city but one of the must-visit places in Cartagena’s.

Torre del Reloj: It has a clocktower. It was once the main entrance to the city of Cartagena.

Plaza Fernandez Madrid

Plaza de la proclaimacion

Baluarte de san Francisco Javier

Baluarte de Santo Domingo

Claustrode ls merced mausoleo de Garcia Marquez

Casa del Marques de Premio real

Baluarte de la Merced

Baluarte San Ignacio

Casa del Marquez de Valdehoyos

Cartagena Visit But Why And Its Landmark
Cartagena: Reasons To Visit

Baluarta del Santa Clara above named landmarks is a must-visit. they are the city’s beauty spots for visual spotting. Therefore, if you have any other question then let me know in the comment section.

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