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French Guiana is an offshore department of France along the east coast of South America, consisting primarily of tropical rainforests. The spectacular ruins of 17th century Fort Cepero are near the town o f Cayenne, with their colorful Creole streets and ancient white houses. Stretching from the village to the village beach, Cayenne is packed with shopping arcades where souvenir hunters go crazy. Several grand hotels flank the palm-fringed main square, Place de la Bastille. The neighboring Reimachee and Courcheval neighborhoods also have a lot of interesting museums.

French Guiana boasts one of the most incredible natural harbors in the world, its Grand Harbour. The waters are lined with palms, trees and homes with or without green roofs. The most popular attraction is the French department snapper, which can reach a length of nine feet and weigh up to three tons.

In spite of its immense size, the snapper is not a match for the giant kingfish. French Guiana snappers are often caught, boxed and taken to the French authorities’ marine research center in Portoferra, where they are killed and sent to meat markets for consumption.

Island Of Martinique

Mont Saint-Michel over a road

On the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, several miles south of Cayenne and accessible by air and road, lies the island of Martinique. The population of Martinique is composed of Creoles (a mix of white and black and possibly red or yellow skin) who originally came from southern France. Martinique’s waters supply a rich array of aquatic life, including white and blues bass, barracudas, manta rays, giant squids, octopuses, and sea snakes. In addition to the snapper, the waters also provide habitat for several other types of marine animals, including: hares, croaker fish, manatees, turtles, frogs, and fish eggs.

Beautiful Natural Harbor

A path with grass and trees

On Martinique, you will find yet another beautiful natural harbor. This one, called the French Guyana National Marine Park, was created to preserve the rich marine environment and historical sights of the region. This bay is open to boating and jet skiing and is a favorite among vacationers seeking some solitude. The waters here are home to several species of whales and dolphins, and even several endangered species like the leatherback turtle and the green sea turtle.

The final stop on your trip to French Guyana will be the world famous Zemblor Bay. This bay is located on a spit known as Mount Zemblor, and is only reached by a long hike in a valley known as Lac des Collines. Here, you will encounter some incredible water views, including one of the most spectacular panoramas ever filmed in the Islands (a stretch that stretches from just above the bay to the south of the island).

Incredible View

In addition to seeing the incredible view, there are a few things that you should not miss when visiting the bay. Some of the most unique fish in the world can be found in this region, including black oil sunfish and blue marlin. There are also a number of diving opportunities available to visitors who wish to learn more about the marine life of the area.

The waters around the island of Francia provide excellent opportunities for scuba diving, with a variety of underwater scenery to explore. The waters off Francia guyana vein hal sz are full of coral reefs and other interesting things to see. Many divers come to Francia to see the unspoiled waters surrounding the island as well as to dive with their friends or families. As long as the waters remain safe and clean for scuba divers, there is little reason not to visit the waters regularly. You may also want to take a short boat ride to see the other side of the island if you are staying on the beach.

Another popular attraction in the French department of Riviera Nayarit is the Glass Wall. It is a striking formation that stands about half a mile into the sea and consists of hundreds of beautifully colored glass panels.

While viewing the formation is not possible, many people enjoy the walking trail that circles the formation. The Glass Wall is open daily and it is worth the trip if you have the chance. Some of the beautiful gardens that line the edge of the formation are also worth the visit.

For snappers, francia guyana vizein hal szat offers a variety of options. The waters are a great place for snappers to raise their baby, while the waters are also perfect for beginning surfers.

Final Verdict

If you have never surfed before, you might want to practice in one of the shallow pools on the beach until you feel more confident. It can be an exciting, but dangerous, experience.

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